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"Stainless Steel" is the name referred to for a range of alloy steels with a minimum 11% chromium content. It is an ideal material for many applications; it is strong, doesn't corrode or rust - even at very high temperatures - nor does it stain with water as does steel. Stainless steel is low maintenance, can be sterilized or steam-cleaned, retains its cutting edge for long periods of time and does not require paint or other protective finishes.

There are many different grades to suit a variety of environments, the most common of which is 304 followed by 316. We have a comprehensive range of AISI 316 & 304 Stainless Steel Straight Link Chains, Long Link DIN5685C and Short Link DIN766 as well as fittings, and supply Stainless Steel Chains and Accessories to the engineering, food processing, chemical plant, water supply, architectural and marine industries.

Grade 316 is widely used for marine applications given its higher corrosion resistance. We stock a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Marine Hardware and Stainless Steel Wire Rope in various sizes.

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