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As well as suppliers of chain, English Chain are rope suppliers - both of Polypropylene Rope and Wire Rope.

Polypropylene is a very hardwearing, lightweight and versatile rope widely used in the building, marine, industrial and agricultural trades. For those looking to buy rope for general domestic purposes - such as for tying down tarpaulins, lashings, DIY, as a barrier rope or for lorry ties - this is a very economical option. It is ideal for water-based applications given that it floats and is therefore popular for mooring, in swimming pools or on inflatable or floating apparatus.  Orange Polypropylene rope is popular in this respect due to its high visibility.

Available in blue or orange, from sizes 4mm - 12mm, our rope is coiled in 30m or 220m or on convenient, easy-to-use formers.

Alongside Polypropylene we offer a Multi Function 8 strand Braided Rope for lightweight domestic purposes. Light and very flexible this is an ideal knotting rope. 

We are also keen stockists of Wire Rope Cable - more specifically Steel Galvanised Wire Rope and Stainless Steel Wire Rope - with fittings including straining and rigging screws, wire rope grips, simplex / duplex grips and wire rope thimbles.

Wire Rope is used in a wide range of markets - often for heavy duty tying down or demanding suspension requirements - ranging from small domestic and leisure requirements, right up to engineering and construction, architectural, yacht rigging and stainless steel balustrading.

For a comprehensive range of accompanying Wire Rope Accessories, please see our Welded and Stainless Steel sections.  

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