Small Chains & Fittings

Small Chain Fittings

Specially designed Small Chain Fittings are usually needed for fixing, joining or lengthening sections of chain or making chain assemblies. These include Consumer Hooks, Jump Rings, Triangles, Ess Hooks, Rings and Dee Rings. Our Chain Accessories can be supplied separately.
Ball Chain Fittings - Brass
 Brass Ball Chain Fittings
Consumer Hooks - Brass
Brass Consumer Hooks
Consumer Hooks - Steel
Consumer Hooks
Ess Hooks - Brass
 Brass Ess Hooks
Ess Hooks - Steel
 Steel Ess Hooks
Spring Hooks - Steel
 Steel Spring Hooks
Split (Key) Rings - Steel
 Steel Split Key Rings
Rings - Steel - Unwelded
 Unwelded Steel Rings
Rings - Steel - Welded
 Welded Steel Rings
Dee Rings - Steel - Unwelded
Steel Unwelded Dee Rings
Dee Rings - Steel - Welded
Steel Welded Dee Rings
Ball Chain Stays - Brass Heads
Ball Chain Stays
Polythene Plugs - Bath and Basin
Polythene Plugs - Bath and Basin
Chrome Plated Brass Plugs - Bath and Basin
Chrome Plated Brass Plugs - Bath and Basin
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