New Products

Large Ball Chain

A highly decorative and versatile chain used by architects and interior designers to create shimmer screens giving stunning visual effects in commercial, domestic, retail, hospitality and entertainment premises.

Ideal also for eye-catching, high fashion jewellery which can be quickly and easily made and adjusted.

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Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod is a versatile product popular for many industrial, construction, agricultural, chemical, electrical, and maintenance applications. Can be cut using a hacksaw and used with standard nuts and washers.
Galvanised Threaded Bar is a constituent part of wall studding.
Available in Steel and Stainless Steel in sizes M6 - M24.
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Coloured Identity and Key Chains
A simple, colourful way to keep keys securely together or for product branding.
Suitable for use as neck chains, dog and medical tags, jewellery, for retaining pens and vertical blinds, fashion and accessories. Neck or ID Chains are most commonly used with pass badge holders as identity chains.
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